Thursday, April 29, 2010

Newspaper Research Tips and a New Gig For Lisa

Her fist went up and came back down with a resounding “Yes!”  In the most recent episode of the NBC TV series Who Do You Think You Are? (which is now also available in iTunes!) Susan Sarandon experienced the rush of locating an ancestor’s obituary in the newspapers preserved on microfilm.  (Watch the episode now)
It’s an exhilarating feeling to feverishly scan the microfilm reader screen and have your eyes zero in on a familiar name.  But just how did Susan (or should we say the show’s experienced researchers) figure out where to look?
To find out what the burning questions of newspaper research are and my tips for getting the scoop on your ancestors read the rest of the story at the Visit Salt Lake City Blog where I am now a regular contributor.  I'm very excited about this new gig, and I hope it will encourage more genealogists to make the trip to the greatest family history library in the world and the beautiful area that surrounds it.  

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