Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are You Ready to Ride the Genealogy Wave?

In the new episode of The Genealogy Gems Podcast it's time to shake off winter and do some genealogical channel surfing!

First grab your surf board and get ready to ride the wave of the final segment of my interview with Darby Hinton who played Fess Parker's son for 6 years on the old Daniel Boone series. In this episode Darby is going to tell us all about his brand new television series that he's working on called Hintons Living History.

Next we'll Hang 10 with Ken Marks, the executive producer of another new television series called Legend Seekers that is coming to PBS stations around the country.

In Episode 22 of Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast I talk with Ken about this new show that features the discovery and portrayal of real life family history stories.

And in this follow up interview in Episode 62 of The Genealogy Gems Podcast, Ken is going to give us a personal look at the brand new website that just launched this week, and how you can submit your own family stories for inclusion in the series! So grab your remote and get ready to channel surf the genealogy wave!

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