Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great Family Tradition & Heirloom Ideas and A Riveting Story of DNA and Genealogy

I love a good story and my friend Colleen Fitzpatrick has one that brings together DNA and genealogical research in a fascinating way. Listen to the brand new Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 54 to hear her tale.

And of course you've heard it said that every picture tells a story. Well, according to Lee and Connie Drew every quilt can tell a story as well. Find out how Drew's creative wife Connie turned her love for the needle arts into a catalyst for family bonding and the creation of future heirlooms. And the photos of these creations that you'll find on the epsiode show notes are just glorious!

Also in this episode regular contributer Ben Sayer the MacGenealogist is back with his review of MacFamily Tree. And James Mowatt of the Historyzine Podcast has a Linguistic History Trivia Bit for us.

This week also marks the launch of my brand new family history podcast called Family History: Genealogy Made Easy. You'll find the weekly half hour show right along side Genealogy Gems in iTunes where you can subscribe for free. Download iTunes for free now.

Each episode starts off with a personal conversation with leading experts in the field of genealogy, and then takes you step by step through the research process. While those of you who are experienced researchers will enjoy hearing from your fellow researchers in ways you never have before, Family History: Genealogy Made Easy is a show that you can send to any of your friends or relatives who are brand new to genealogy.

Do you teach a beginning genealogy class? Why not give your students the link to the show so that they will have ongoing support and encouragement right from their computer every week! Direct Link: http://personallifemedia.com/podcasts/415-family-history

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